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Results & Verdicts

Congratulations to Denver Partner Devin S. Brunson and Senior Associate Gabriel Montalvo for successfully defending a complex matter involving statute of limitations, relation back, misapplication of law, and improper prosecution of claims for relief on appeal with the Colorado Court of Appeals! Plaintiff’s lawsuit was initially filed directly against BWB&O’s client’s insurer to preserve the statute of limitations as...
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BWB&O is thrilled to report that Partners Keith Bremer and Rachel Mihai, and Senior Associate Patricia Gandy prevailed on a Motion for Summary Judgment on behalf of a public entity client! The case involved a plaintiff’s claims of being injured after falling on a city sidewalk. Our team filed a MSJ on issues of trivial defect/no dangerous condition, no proximate cause,...
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Congratulations to Las Vegas Partner Jeffrey W. Saab and Associate Caryn R. Schiffman on obtaining a complete defense verdict for their client at arbitration! The Plaintiff was a passenger in our client’s vehicle. Plaintiff alleged that our client entered a property going in the wrong direction, ultimately resulting in a collision with another vehicle. Plaintiff further alleged...
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Congratulations to Newport Beach Partners Jeremy Johnson and Benjamin Price, and Associate Courtney Serrato on a successful four-week jury trial and complete defense verdict for BWB&O’s clients, a youth soccer coach, soccer league, and soccer organization! The referee (“Plaintiff”) of a youth soccer game, filed a lawsuit and sought recovery through five causes of action,...
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BWB&O’s Woodland Hills Partner Eileen Gaisford recently received an order granting a Motion for Summary Judgment in a dog bite case involving a suit against the landlord and tenant. BWB&O represented the landlord, whose tenant’s dog escaped and bit Plaintiff, who was walking in front of the property. Plaintiff alleged that the landlord had knowledge of the...
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BWB&O Las Vegas just received a complete defense verdict in an excessive force security case. Partners Jared Christensen and Scott Ulm represented the only defendants in the case – a local Las Vegas gaming institution, the owner individually, and three security guards. This case involved claims of false imprisonment, battery, and negligent infliction of emotional distress. The...
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Bremer Whyte Brown & O’Meara is proud to announce that Partners Keith Bremer, Rachel Mihai and Associate Ryan Tikker successfully defended the City of Beverly Hills and a police officer in a car collision lawsuit. The defendants/City admitted liability for the accident, leaving the trial solely focused on what amount of damages to award plaintiffs. The full trial was...
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In two separate premises liability cases, Woodland Hills Partner Jack Briscoe and Senior Associate Dean Solomon were able to obtain dismissals of plaintiffs’ complaints and the cross-complaint of one of the cities without filing dispositive motions. In both cases, plaintiffs, one with a broken shoulder and the other a broken wrist, alleged that BWB&O’s clients were liable for plaintiffs’ injuries...
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Please join us in congratulating Partners Nicole Whyte and Benjamin Price, and Associate Courtney Serrato on their victory on a motion for summary judgment! The case involved claims for unlawful interference with a contract for attorney’s fees and defamation.  The plaintiff, a law firm based in San Diego, California, alleged that BWB&O’s client intentionally interfered...
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Please join us in congratulating Woodland Hills Partner Michael D’Andrea, Senior Associate Casey Nathan, and Associate Stephanie Zhubrak on obtaining a dismissal for their client in a major personal injury suit! This was a major injury case involving a Plaintiff who suffered severe injuries after being struck by debris due to an explosion at the MillerCoors brewing facility in...
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Please join us in congratulating Las Vegas Partner Scott Ulm and Associate Elizabeth Do on a fantastic short trial result! This was a Negligent Security case where Plaintiff was allegedly assaulted inside of our client’s store. The facts of the case established that words were exchanged outside the store and again inside while Plaintiff was...
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Bremer Whyte Brown & O’Meara, LLP was retained to defend a Utah oilfield services company that was sued in Nevada for an alleged negligent breach of an oil well casing in an oil well located in Utah. The plaintiff is a Nevada company with interest in the well that sought over $4 million in damages....
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