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Results & Verdicts

Congratulations to Newport Beach Partner Nicole Schmidt and Associate Jenna Bilgore on their resounding trial victory! BWB&O’s client, Plaintiff, originally came to the firm’s Family Law department seeking assistance with the threat of a breach of contract action from a former intimate partner, who alleged that BWB&O’s client had promised to pool and divide assets and...
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Please join us in congratulating Las Vegas Partner Jeffrey W. Saab and Senior Associate Ryan Efros on securing a complete dismissal in advance of arbitration. BWB&O’s client, a general contractor for a resort, was sued by Plaintiff who allegedly tripped and fell in front of the property sustaining serious personal injury. Mr. Saab and Mr. Efros were retained late in the...
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Congratulations to Woodland Hills Partner Eileen Gaisford and Associate Dustin Rabi on their Motion for Summary Judgment (“MSJ”) being granted in Los Angeles County Superior Court! BWB&O’s client in this matter was the driver of vehicle who was involved in an auto v. auto collision. The Plaintiff, in this matter, filed suit against the client, alleging Negligence. However,...
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Congratulations to Woodland Hills Partner Patrick Au and Senior Associate Ava Vahdat on their successful Motion for Summary Judgment in Los Angeles Superior Court! BWB&O’s client was a concrete contractor hired by a government entity for a limited sidewalk repair project many years ago. The Plaintiff, who was confined to a wheelchair, filed suit against...
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BWB&O’s Newport Beach Partner Alison Hurley and Associate Jennifer Schwarz recently won a Motion for Summary Judgment (“MSJ”) in the District Court for the Central District of California, completely extricating BWB&O’s client from the action. Plaintiffs sued BWB&O’s client and others, including the City of Los Angeles, and several LAPD officers in Federal Court, alleging eleven (11) causes of...
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Please join us in congratulating Arizona Partner John Belanger and Associate Ryan Leibel on obtaining a dismissal for their client in a personal injury suit. This case stemmed from a fall suffered by Plaintiff on the premises of BWB&O’s client, a large wholesale retailer. Specifically, while inside a warehouse owned by BWB&O’s client, Plaintiff suffered...
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The underlying litigation arose from a UM claim stemming from a hit and run accident in which Plaintiff alleged she sustained serious injury as a result of same. A settlement was reached pre-litigation and was made contingent on a release of all claims and included confidentiality and non-disparagement as to Plaintiff.  After Plaintiff’s counsel confirmed...
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Congratulations to Las Vegas Partners, Jared Christensen and Madeline Arcellana, on completing a 10-day trial, which resulted in a unanimous jury verdict that adopted the Defendant’s proposed award. BWB&O’s client was an individual dog owner, which undisputedly bit Plaintiff, a pedestrian on a public sidewalk. Defendant did not deny that his dog had bitten Plaintiff. The dispute at...
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Congratulations to Woodland Hills Partner Eileen Gaisford and Associate Dustin Rabi on their Motion for Summary Judgment (“MSJ”) being granted in Los Angeles County Superior Court! BWB&O’s client is a business entity and lessee of a commercial property. The Plaintiff, in this matter, filed suit against the client, alleging Negligence and Premises Liability. Notably, Plaintiff...
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Please join us in congratulating BWB&O’s Arizona office following Managing Partner John Belanger and Associate Ryan Leibel obtaining a defense-friendly award in a recent arbitration proceeding in Yavapai County Superior Court. BWB&O’s client collided with Plaintiff in an intersection after the client attempted a left turn. Plaintiff alleged negligence per se, namely because the client was the party...
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Congratulations to Partner John J. Belanger and Associate Ryan S. Leibel on their 9-0 defense verdict following a 3-day jury trial in Maricopa County Superior Court. The suit involved an October 18, 2018 motor vehicle accident. Both the driver and passenger in the vehicle struck by BWB&O’s client alleged significant physical and emotional damages as a...
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Congratulations to Partner Mike D’Andrea and Associate Caitlin Salata on their 12-0 defense verdict in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The jury came back Monday after a 7 day trial and rendered a defense verdict as to the only liability issue in the case. This is a tremendous result and victory. The suit involved a serious auto collision...
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