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Timothy G. McNulty

Trucking and Transportation

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Trucking accidents are very different from a car crash. Even though semi-truck accidents contribute a small percent of all auto accidents, they can cause catastrophic injuries and property damage due to their size and weight. Many trucking accidents cases involve driver negligence and equipment malfunction to name a few.

Why You Need a Trucking Accident Attorney

Accidents involving freight trucks can be complex due to the number of parties and statutes involved. Insurance companies, the truck companies, local law enforcement, and emergency responders are some of the parties involved. The trucking industry also has strict regulations that companies must follow and can be difficult to navigate without proper legal guidance. Furthermore, our trucking accident attorneys have in-depth knowledgeable on both state and federal regulations.

Bremer Whyte has extensive experience defending several large Fortune 500 trucking companies as well as businesses with trucking and/or transportation components. Our experience navigating the various State and Federal DOT requirements give our firm a distinct advantage handling catastrophic trucking accident cases and personal injury matters throughout the United States.

Rapid Response Team

Our law firm provides a “Rapid Response” service to tractor-trailer accidents and semi-truck accidents within the trucking industry. Trucking accident scenes can change at an expeditious rate. Therefore, immediate documentation and preservation of on-scene evidence is critical. Our “Rapid Response” team can direct all experts and investigators to the scene of the accident to preserve the privilege for as long as possible.

Our California offices are located in:

  • Newport Beach
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • Oakland
  • Riverside

Nevada law offices are located in Reno and Las Vegas.

We also provide legal trucking services in Denver, Colorado and Johannesburg, South Africa.

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